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"Our goal at LVM Materials is to keep as much reusable wood out of landfills, therefore extending the benefits each harvested tree has to offer."

We are in the business of repurposing 'unadulterated' wood scrap and wood by products. We take pride in our ability to engage in the environmentally conscious practice of repurposing a discarded material by turning it into reusable products. We manufacture and deliver sawdust for animal bedding and wood chips for biofuel.

Wood Recovery

Most wood scrap/waste can be repurposed into needed products!! Landfilling wood should only be considered in the case of chemical contamination (certain paints, glues, varnishes…). The best practice for recycling is to try and find another use for discarded material.

Here are some of the industries we are currently partnering with:

There are many benefits to be considered when allowing us to handle your waste wood material.

We offer several methods of collecting wood scrap

Dry Sawdust & Wood Chip Sales

* LVM Materials has offered quality dry sawdust and wood chips for over 20 years.

* We offer flexible, prompt delivery in 100 yard walking floor trailers.

* Our sawdust is made from repurposed, discarded wood that we have collected and then ground at our plant to meet the size and consistency requirements for your animal bedding needs.

* Our wood chips are also made from repurposed discarded wood.
If you have a need for boiler fuel wood chips in a particular size, we can meet that requirement as well.

Servicing New York State and Northern Pennsylvania.
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